Pre-approval is a process where lender evaluates your application for a loan (mortgage). After reviewing all the documents and pulling your credit lender determines how much they are willing to lend you.

Pre-approvalplays an important role in home buying process. It can give you a better undertanding what price point of properties you can look for  and it also gives you a piece of mind that you can purchase the property if desired.

We can get you pre-approved within 24 hours after receiveing all necessary documents. 

These are the basic document you will need for your pre-approval. 

Most Recent 2 Paystubs

Most Recent 2 Years W2’s 

Most Recent 2 Years Filed 1040 Federal Tax Returns 

Most Recent 2 Statements for All Checking or Savings Accounts

Most Recent Statement for Any Retirement Account (401k, IRA, ROTH IRA etc)

Drivers License or Government Photo ID